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  1. swtfear True Russian

    just opening thread, maybe im gonna do more woe vids ^foxhappypls^
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  2. swtfear True Russian

    banned in germany, should be fine for other countries
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  3. swtfear True Russian

    sorry for different sound volumes, will take care of it next woe vid

    maybe some comments for this woe after watching most of it again!
    I actually think, that if we just had 2 more dmg dealers, we could have pushed through nearly every fight where we didnt end up being sandwiched. best example is the first fight, where we can drop multiple enemies, but they respawn faster then we can kill new targets -> thats why we lost that fight in the end.

    we did not play at highest level (i also think my gameplay was mediocre), but it should have been enough for 285... sadly it wasnt
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  4. iTom Well-Known Member

    60fps the best^foxeat^
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  5. amega Худший из людей :>

    You want to kill them even with attendance disadvantage (25-30%)? ^freakbaby^
    I think its ok overall, they have + to morale, we have + to motivation. Maybe I even finally continue my gearing process. ^foxgoku2^
  6. swtfear True Russian

    maybe my last comment was a bit missleading; i just meant that it should have been enough (with same amount of players)

    but ye, lets move on to next woe, its not like we didnt put up a fight even with some people (core classes) missing ;)
  7. swtfear True Russian

    my youtube comment:
    2 DD HW + 2 DD creo, couldnt push through respawning
    no attacking guild won a clean gvg, if we take castle first we wouldnt lose it
    stats: http://i.imgur.com/tHx7fgM.png

    additional comment:
    - gg's to my pally for perfect protection this woe ^foxheart^
    - sry mbk for 1 kill =(
    - looking forward to def next week and see, if 285 will be able to push us, i think its pretty hard as woe is right now (limited roster, trash guilds sandwiching - killing mbk and stuff + RESPAWN advantage with def guild)
    - not showing PQ any more, only if they will start to play the game in the future (would be only 2 second fights anyway atm)
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  8. Matt Black Prince

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  9. swtfear True Russian

    short vid, only pq (playing?) woe ^foxdrop^
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  10. proxy True German

    why u dont use slow grace 1:30?
  11. swtfear True Russian

    had no autoswitches prepared for this woe, so no song usage at all whole woe XD ^foxhide2^
  12. SheVrole Королева Панд

    пики такие днища это просто пиздец
  13. swtfear True Russian

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  14. amega Худший из людей :>

    huh? well done ^amoral2^ need slightly more attention to stalkers tho
  15. swtfear True Russian

    yep, thats also the main point i noticed for myself after rewatching the woe and cutting it, even though i can explain (playing creo only for 8 years may get you used to some other targets). I had to remind myself before every fight, that i focus stalker > everything else ^foxlaugh^

    i will also try to get some more stuff to change, because i cant ask for fcp when fight is running

    +edit: actually im wondering why my rapid knife switch didnt work whole woe, because i tested it before with whoosh, this will need a fix aswell :P
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  16. swtfear True Russian

    thx to whoosh my brother, i rememberd this song ^foxdrop^

    slowpoke woe

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  17. Whoosh Фенобарбитурат

    for next movie, you are welcome > Bombs Away – Drunk Arcade (original mix)
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  18. swtfear True Russian

    no video next week, i will change to sniper^foxpika^
  19. swtfear True Russian


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  20. proxy True German

    Мувик свт вдохновил, так и быть сделаю мувас ^ololesha^